Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA) pay day loans together with Borrower Enjoy: Executive Overview

Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA) pay day loans together with Borrower Enjoy: Executive Overview

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1 Community Financial solutions Association of America (CFSA) payday advances and also the Borrower Enjoy: Executive Summary Presented by: Harris Interactive advertising analysis December 4, 2013

2 Table of articles techniques. 3 Sampling Method. 3 Information Collection Method. 3 Report Notes. 3 Summary of Detailed Findings. 4 Value and interest in Payday Lending. 4 Informed Borrowers with Accurate objectives. 6 The Facts about Lenders. 7 Attitudes and Views on Government Regulation. 8 Appendix. 9 guidelines delivered to member organizations for test pull

3 Sampling Method Methods CFSA ed 12 user businesses inviting them to incorporate their consumer

data in the test pool with this study, with guidelines for pulling the test connected (see Appendix on pages 9-10). User companies had been instructed for their test files directly to Harris Interactive, rather than to duplicate anybody from CFSA. Four user businesses reacted and supplied Harris with a complete directory of their customers whom came across the sampling criteria. One user business provided and responded Harris having a randomly chosen selection of 10,000 of these customers whom came across the sampling requirements. A complete of 281,031 documents had been gotten by Harris from the five member that is participating. Harris Interactive handled all sample preparation that is further. Test files were de- duped (meaning duplicate records had been eliminated) according to telephone number, and 10,000 documents had been arbitrarily chosen from each business (apart from the organization which delivered an overall total of 10,000 records 9,667 usable records had been chosen with this business). Quotas had been set during interviewing to make sure that 200 completed interviews had been acquired from each business. Data Collection Method All information collection had been carried out by phone in the usa by Harris Interactive on the behalf of Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA) from October 9 24, 2013 among 1,004 participants, ages 18+, who’re clients of shop- front businesses inside the CFSA, and took down a two- week cash advance of $700 or less, that they made last payment of in July or August of Report Notes Information are unweighted and they are an agent likelihood sample associated with populace have been surveyed. The estimated sampling error is +/- online payday loans New Hampshire 3% o with a sample of this size. Throughout this report o Qualified participants (described in information Collection Method above) should be referred to as Borrowers. o The expression newest pay day loan experience will make reference to the mortgage borrowers repaid in July or August of 2013 whether or not they will have removed a brand new loan since, since this ended up being their newest, complete knowledge about a loan that is payday. 3

4 Value and interest in Payday Lending Summary of Detailed Findings Borrowers recognize the advantages of pay day loans and appreciate having them as a short- term choice for bridging gaps that are financial. Almost all borrowers suggest which they appreciate having the option to simply take a payday loan out (95%). Nine in ten (89%) concur that they feel more accountable for their financial predicament due to the choice to simply simply take a payday loan out once they require it, and over two- thirds (68%) think that minus the choice of taking down a quick payday loan, they might take even worse economic condition than they have been now. About nine in ten borrowers agree that pay day loans can: o give a security web during unanticipated financial hardships (95%); o Be an intelligent economic choice whenever up against an urgent situation money shortfall (9); o Be well well worth the fee it possible to avoid late charges on bills (89%); and o Help customers bridge a gap in their finances (87%) because they make. Half (49%) of borrowers state they required the amount of money from a quick payday loan to cover a unforeseen expense (such as for instance a car or truck repair or medical crisis), and somewhat less report they had a need to spend ordinary costs between paydays (44%). Extra reasons some borrowers cite for needing an online payday loan include: o to prevent spending a belated cost on a bill (28%); o in order to avoid bouncing a check or overdrawing their bank-account (23%); o a friend out or relative who required cash (19%); and/or o several other explanation (10%). If up against a term that is short crisis, and not able to spend a bill, borrowers overwhelmingly state they might select the cash advance option (a short- term loan recharging a $15 charge $100 lent, due on the next payday, 68%) over: o maybe not having to pay the bill and incurring a belated charge or penalty of around $30 (4%), or o Overdrawing their banking account and having to pay an overdraft cost of around $35 (3%). o One- quarter (24%) state they’re not certain which of the three choices they might select. The need for payday financing choice, as borrowers choose a quick payday loan over other available savings. borrowers report they required cash between paychecks in past times, they will have: o Cut spending and done without one thing they want (67%); and/or o Borrowed from family/friends (60%). Other financial solutions that borrowers say they will have looked to into the past consist of: o Overdrawn their bank-account and charged on overdraft charge (43%); o applied a charge card (41%); o Pawned an item that is personal27%); o Bounced a check and charged a charge (25%); o applied for a cash loan bank card (17%); o Used an installment or name loan (15%); o Used an internet cash advance (11%); and/or o another thing (6%). 4

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