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Are All Christians Called To Be Martyrs For Christ?

Are All Christians Called To Be Martyrs For Christ?

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The Martyr Stephen

Forty Brave Soldiers For Jesus

Early Church History (mp3) Paul’s Final Words (mp3)

Difficult could be the means that leads to lifestyle (pdf) this is associated with the Parable associated with Sower (pdf)

Do you Erotic Websites dating sites for free want To Die a Martyr, If Required

To numerous church individuals martyrdom is only how it had been when it comes to apostles, whom went far above the decision of responsibility, in serving Jesus. Is the fact that truth or simply another dangerous concept generally speaking embraced inside our time?

Are all Christians called become martyrs? Are any Christians not called to be martyrs? Are you able to be a faithful Christian rather than be prepared to perish for Christ?

Why don’t we go right to the Scriptures to check out answers. Do you want for the outcomes?

Learn Whom Marcellu Had Been


As soon as the bloodstream of one’s martyr Stephen ended up being shed, I stood here providing my approval and guarding the clothing of these who had been killing him. (Acts 22:20)

I understand thy works and where thou dwellest, even where Satan’s chair is: and thou holdest fast my title, and hast not denied my faith, even yet in those full days wherein Antipas had been my faithful martyr , who had been slain among you, where Satan dwelleth. (Rev 2:13, KJV)

And I also saw the woman drunken with the bloodstream for the saints, along with the bloodstream associated with martyrs of Jesus: as soon as she was seen by me, we wondered with great admiration. (Rev 17:6, KJV)

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