I want to tell about top ten things you can do in Southern Korea

I want to tell about top ten things you can do in Southern Korea

A nation offering a beguiling mixture of the ancient therefore the futuristic, the commercial plus the religious, warp-speed action that is urban serene rural isolation, Southern Korea is an excellent play ground for worldwide pupils.

Its money town, Seoul, has expanded into among the world’s leading financial hubs, and Korea’s universities have actually in modern times experienced a boom that is similar. With a remarkable 24 universities in Southern Korea rated among the world’s top 800 universities within the QS World University Rankings® 2014/15 and 45 rated when you look at the top 300 regarding the QS University Rankings: Asia 2015, South Korea is one of the region’s major educational centers, supplying an ever more appealing research abroad choice for pupils all over the world.

Regardless of which South Korean university you decide to learn at, continue reading for the variety of the utmost effective 10 things you can do in Southern Korea while you’re here, to make the much of your experience!

1. Explore the jungle that is urban of

Top universities in Southern Korea’s money: Seoul nationwide University (SNU, 31 st when you look at the globe ratings); Yonsei University (106 th ); Korea University (116 th ); Sungkyunkwan University (140 th ); Hanyang University (219 th ), Kyung Hee University (275 th ). To get more universities that are top South Korea, look at the QS University Rankings: Asia 2015.

A dizzying metropolis with a population of 10 million – surpassing perhaps the loves of London, Berlin and New York – Seoul is among the 21 st century’s undisputed metropolitan powerhouses. If you’re visiting Seoul the very first time, the best spot to have a feeling of its epic scale also to simply simply take in its sparkling cityscape in the evening, could be the iconic N Seoul Tower. Perched atop Namsan Mountain when you look at the town center, the tower rises up to a lofty 479 meters above ocean degree, supplying site visitors with stunning panoramic views over the town.

No matter how long your program lasts if you’re studying abroad in Seoul, you can be sure this sprawling metropolis will keep throwing up new adventures and surprises. If you’re looking for a cultural top-up, start with Seoul’s four UNESCO World Heritage internet internet sites: Changdeokgung, a 15 th century palace built because of the Joseon dynasty; the imposing 18 th century Hwaseong Fortress; Jongmyo, the extant Confucian shrine that is oldest; as well as the Royal Tombs associated with Joseon dynasty.

For retail treatment, check out the Dongdaemun that is massive Market composed of 26 departmental stores extending over 10 blocks. And in case you intend to explore Seoul’s nightlife, the Hongdae region around Hongik University is Southern Korea’s celebration main – take your pick from literally a huge selection of pubs, restaurants, boutiques and nightclubs.

2. See Gyeongju, money of this ancient kingdom of Silla

Top universities near Gyeongju: Pohang University of Science and tech (POSTECH, 86 th on the planet ranks); Yeungnam University (135 th within the Asian ratings); Kumoh National Institute of tech (unranked); Handong Global University (unranked).

The ancient town of Gyeongju is referred to as ‘the museum without walls’. It gets rather overrun by swarms of tourists through the summer time, with eight to nine million individuals going to the area every year. But there is however a rather valid reason for this – Gyeongju is an extraordinarily well-preserved piece of Korean history which will dazzle you using its beauty.

The capital that is former of ancient kingdom of Silla, Gyeongju contains a myriad of architectural and historic treasures, including three UNESCO World Heritage web internet web sites: Seokguram Grotto, Bulguksa Temple, and Gyeongju Historic Areas. If you’re a past history buff, head to the Gyeongju National Museum, which houses over 16,000 artifacts.

Do you know…? The kingdom of Silla ended up being among the dynasties that are longest-sustained Asia’s history. One of many previous three kingdoms of Korea (the other people Goguryeo that is being and), Silla retained its autonomy for almost 1,000 years until its dissolution in advertising 935.

3. Sing your heart down at a ‘noraebang’

It could matchocean.com now function as the domain of drunken hen evenings additionally the periodic office that is embarrassing in numerous Western nations – but karaoke was massive all over Asia considering that the 1980s, and nowhere way more compared to South Korea. The noraebang (meaning ‘song room’) is a national institution – supplying private stands by which young Koreans allow down vapor by doing battle in the microphone.

You’ll find noraebangs all over Southern Korea, and also if you’re dubious in the beginning we guarantee you won’t keep Korea without developing yours repertoire that is personal of hits and cringeworthy classics. exactly just What better method of conquering your inhibitions and breaking the ice along with your brand new classmates?

4. Get religious by having a temple stay that is korean

Along with getting yourself a world-class education, learning in Southern Korea normally an opportunity to experience a brand new culture. In the event that you actually want to be immersed, even just for a couple of days, there is absolutely no better method of accomplishing so than remaining in a conventional temple that is korean. Devote some time call at one of the most significant blissfully secluded mountainous retreats populated by Korean Buddhist monks, which are available to site visitors.

Temple stay was developed as the opportunity for foreigners to know about Buddhist culture – so be warned, this won’t become your holiday that is average lounging with a pool! site Visitors reside exactly as the monks do, involving getting out of bed before dawn, getting involved in spiritual solutions, meditation, chanting and prostration, staying with a vegetarian food diet, and maintaining silence for big amounts of time. It could maybe maybe perhaps not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for life – and you never know, it may even change the way you look at the world if you’re ready to try something completely new, a temple stay will be an experience that will remain with you.

Did you know…? Temple remains in Korea had been popularized once the country hosted the soccer World Cup in 2002, with Buddhist monks proposing the concept being a alternative solution to accommodate site visitors. Over 100,000 individuals now indulge in temple remains in Korea every year.

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