HydroSpike® Daisy Hub (HDB-10)

HydroSpike® Daisy Hub TM is perfect for plant watering zones and is used with HydroSpike® Dripline System Starter Kit or HydroSpike® Daisy Hub Dripline System Starter Kit. Daisy Hub is a HydroSpike® designed product that possesses 8 connector spots for tubing connection to HydroSpike® Dripper Heads.

The Daisy Hub is very useful and handy to connect HydroSpike® Dripper Heads in closely planted situations. Excellent for outdoor gardens, vegetable gardens, tomato plants, etc. Designed with a star type line configuration, this hub can add or move Dripper Heads easily to any new location without disturbing or modifying your existing HydroSpike® Dripline System.

Loop or plug any pair of unused connections on the Daisy Hub with a piece of HydroSpike® Tubing, which is sold separately so you can easily expand. Daisy Hub will save your time and effort in setting up an automatic watering system where you need it. HydroSpike® Daisy Hub is specially designed to fit the Hydrospike® Dripline System Kit without any special adapter.

Save water

Daisy Hub TM hooks up to adjustable dial emitter settings on HydroSpike ® Dripper Heads, and allows you to tailor water drip drop flow by plant, zone area, hydration needs or soil condition. HydroSpike® Daisy Hub works with HydroSpike® Dripline System Starter Kit or efficient drip emitter system. Save water and from over-watering. Flexible drip zone changes can be made by moving tube line and dripper stakes.

Easy to setup and disassemble or move around

Flexible in where your plants need most water. No need to for an attachment or permanent water hose line to limit where you water. If you go on vacation and need water to the plant pot instead of flower bed, easily move so long as tubing will reach. Hook up HydroSpike® Drippers Head Kit with optional HydroSpike® Dripper Holder Stakes for robust automatic watering line kit with no pump, timer, or bottle.

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