HydroSpike® Parts

HydroSpike® Dripline System is versatile, flexible, and best of all, easy to expand and to find replacement parts. Whether you need more tubing, Dripper Holder Stakes or more Daisy Hub’s, HydroSpike® provides them to you in starter kits and available for individual purchase. Enjoy the freedom, portability, and cost effective way to water your plants and gardens.

HydroSpike® Dripline Tube Bundle

HydroSpike® Drippers Heads Kit


HydroSpike® Dripper Holder Stakes

HydroSpike® Dripline Connectors Kit

HydroSpike® Daisy Hub

HydroSpike® Daisy Hub Dripline System Starter Kit

HydroSpike® Dripline System Starter Kit

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