Watering Considerations

Watering Considerations

How Many HydroSpikes do I Need?

Our guiding philosophy is to look at size of the plant and size of the pot. A little art and science, mixed in with some trial and error will do the trick. Check that you are buying genuine HydroSpike® product by clicking here.

Typically, we recommend 1 spike for a six inch pot. For a 12 inch pot, we recommend 3 spikes in order for more even watering.

More simplistically, think larger plant = more hydrospikes. And if you plan to be away for awhile (e.g., long vacation), you likely will need a larger water container. HydroSpike, allows you to use whatever size water container you like, which is much more convenient than other watering solutions.

Tidbits when Considering HydroSpike

HydroSpike primarily works in soil. Therefore, it is not ideal for orchids, since most orchids are in moss and bark.

We mostly do not recommend HydroSpike for plants that like dry, arid conditions such as a cactus, Joshua Tree, or other desert plants that thrive with little water. It is still possible to use HydroSpike for such plants, but may take added knowledge and experimentation (we cannot guarantee success in this case; however, if you get it working, tell us and we will recognize you as one of our “advanced users”).

Not the best solution for seedling trays. There needs to be adequate room for the spike, soil and roots.

If your HydroSpike system/water reservoir is outdoors, consider using an opaque container instead of clear to slow algae growth that occurs with sunlight.

Single Drink

Single drink configuration is one water reservoir for a single HydroSpike in a single potted plant.

Insert the spike into the soil near the root system, and run the watering tube to a single reservoir of appropriate size. Complete instructions here for How to Use HydroSpike.

The reservoir itself can be any type of container, which gives you the freedom to select a container that can be put out of sight or easily camouflaged to keep a clutter free look. Bigger plants will require a larger reservoir and perhaps more HydroSpikes.

Group Drink

Group drink configuration is one water reservoir for multiple HydroSpikes in multiple/single potted plant(s). It is possible and desirable to HydroSpike multiple plants and share the same water hole, all the while nesting the watering container within the grouping of plants. It’s very easy to hide the reservoir for a very clean look. The photo shows how easy it is to run two or more HydroSpikes into a single reservoir. You also can see how easy it is to hide your reservoir behind the plants or nestled in amongst the foliage.

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