Vacation Plant Watering Set Up for a Month

We love hearing from our customers, and are including here one customer’s comments and pictures, as he wanted to share it with us and everyone who is looking for a watering solution that will do its job for a month-long vacation.  We suggested that he set it up with our Group Drink concept, and you will see it in the great shots he took!  Here are his comments on the HydroSpike® HS-300 product:


 Honestly, HydroSpike worked much better than expected.  I can travel or go on vacation without worrying about my plants.  The system evenly distributes the water, which I can tell by the moisture of the soil.  In addition to being convenient and self implementing, my plants have grown healthier than before!

Thank you for introducing me to this miraculous product!

– M. Yung

hydrospike in use group watering 2

group watering with HydroSpike

group watering with HydroSpike

Hydrospike® Portable Dripline System Starter Kit – Outdoor

Our new Hydrospike® Portable Dripline System Starter Kit is great for outdoor gardens and container gardens.  The entire kit is easy to adjust and the tubing can be snipped to fit your specific length wherever your plants are.  Instructions are included in the kit.

We have included a few pictures here of how ours are set up.

Hydrospike® Portable Dripline System

Start out by finding yourself a water container and use the long tubing and run it to each plant or group of plants.  Then take the HydroSpike dripper device and place by the plant or in the pot.  Using the T-connectors attach, snip off enough tubing to connect plan to main water line.

Notice that the bucket of water is higher than where the plants are located.  This creates more water pressure and constant flow/drip of water.

You can adjust each individual dripper device to the level of water drip needed.  Here is a picture of the dripper up close.

photo 2

Ficus Lyrata – Designer’s Plant

Architects love ficus lyrata because of it’s interesting shaped leaves.  We love our ficus lyrata and have it in our living room.  This plant has grown to be a sprawling tree.  It is 30+ years old.  A lot of sunlight and a vaulted ceiling give this plant big possibilities.  Ficus lyrata has beauty, structure, and point of interest.  One of HydroSpike’s favorites.

Ficus Lyrata 30 years old plant tree


Dog Ate Our Plant

Doesn’t it look like the dog at our plant?  Craziness going on in the HydroSpike world.

Thing is…that we don’t have a dog!  Just gardeners!  Yikes! haha

Dog Chewed the Plant

Increase Your Water Supply!

Using HydroSpike is convenient, but when you want to increase your supply of water, “daisy chain” a series of water containers with some tubing and use the siphon principle to increase the supply of water to your plants.  One of our customers also suggests to use standard tubing, for example 1/4 inch diameter when connecting the water containers.  Thanks for great feedback HydroSpike customers!  You guys are the best!

Siphon Water Containers



HydroSpike’s First Video!!!!

Check out our first video production!  Automatic Vacation Plant Watering with HydroSpike TM. Happy Plants & Happy Owners, a HydroSpike specialty 🙂  We also like to laugh, so hope you get a little chuckle out of our video. Hope to have more videos to share in the future.  Keep up the vacationing, we got your plants covered!

Cascading Leaves

We love this plant that has cascading waxy leaves, so shiny!  HydroSpike is great when we go on vacation or don’t have time to water the plants.  The plant is an indoor plant, and it sits on an outdoor patio set…that we moved indoors!  The wood patio set was too nice of a set to leave outside to rot.  Why not use it as indoor furniture?!



Ficus Benjamina + HydroSpike

Ficus benjamina, commonly known as the Weeping Fig, Benjamin’s Fig, or the Ficus Tree and often sold in stores as just a “Ficus”, is a species of fig tree, native to south and southeast Asia and Australia.  We love our ficus, and have a massive tree that is 30+ years in our living room.  This is our smaller plant, and is getting its daily drink from HydroSpike.  The trees can grow large, so when on vacation, put in a few HydroSpikes, especially in warm weather.  The tree will need the hydration if gone for a couple of weeks.

Ficus Plant

HydroSpike’s Shooting Star

This plant, the lovely Shooting Star, in all its white splendor and glory cheers us up here at HydroSpike.  This plant cannot be under harsh sunlight, and definitely needs watering in warmer weather.  If you are busy, on vacation (or holiday), be sure to set up a HydroSpike system so you will come back to its beautiful blooms.  It starts to bloom less towards the end of summer.  For all you married men, the shooting star plant is a perfect gift to give to your wife…she is your shooting star.

Shooting Star

How to Grow Plants from Seed

Here’s an interesting video on how to grow plants from seed.

Group Drink Setup

HydroSpikes can be set up with multiple plants to one reservoir. Here is a picture of one setup we have. Plants doing pretty well for weeks at a time when on vacation. You also can use an inverted flat garbage lid to place all your plants in it.


Corn in the Garden

We have a few corn stalks growing this summer. Planted from special seed that was *supposed* to be really tasty. However, this species didn’t do it for me! Although corn is so abundant, different varieties have special taste and nutrition. We’ll be trying more in future growing seasons.

Corn in our Garden

Plant Waterer for Crazy Plant II

The crazy twin of the crazy hair plant!  They sit on our speakers and stay nicely hydrated with trusty plant waterer, HydroSpike.  Does huge bulbs are starting to burst the pot!

Crazy Hair Plant - the Twin!

Curious Plants

We have a variety of plants around, but here is one in particular that I find interesting.  The wax flower.  Up close, it is waxy, and it looks like it could have been made from plastic with a furry finish.  Cute as a button.  Oh the wonders of nature!


Plant Waterer for the Crazy Hair

Have a crazy hair plant??  We do.  And, it loves the HydroSpike.  The plant ‘hair’ conceals the HydroSpike system.  Quite a beauty.  Don’t leave this plant dry while on vacation.  You will be sad when you come back.

Little Plant Watering

HydroSpike works well for watering smaller sized plants.  Isn’t this little guy pretty cute??  Healthy and green with automatic plant waterer – HydroSpike

Happy little plant with HydroSpike

Cabbage and Watermelon in Fall 2011



The earth just yields beauties.  We planted the cabbage in a row and the watermelons grew all over this summer.  In this plot, we water pretty seldom, just let it grow and see what happens.  Not bad for low maintenance!

Vacation Plant Watering

HydroSpike’s very existence is all about addressing this crucial problem that gardeners and plant owners face.  How to keep plants alive while we are away??   Especially in hot weather.  Here is HydroSpike in action!  This large leafed plant needs water, and it seems to be doing fine for 2 weeks at a time when we are gone…The plant is pretty large, which then needs multiple spikes.

Welcome to HydroSpike’s Blog!

One of our favorite water plants. We bring the water plant outdoors in the winter and bring back in the summer. This way when it would die in the cold weather, we don’t have to buy new ones in the summer!

HydroSpike is saying hello to the world with the start of our blog!  Planting, Watering, Gardening!  We will post pictures of HydroSpike in action and talk about all the fun and interesting happening on HydroSpike turf.  We love talking about plant watering products and tips, and we also love gardening.  We plan to share photos of HydroSpikes in action, pictures of our garden, share plant discoveries, talk about our harvest yield, and talk about all things gardening and plants!  Join us on our journey!

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