Watering Tips

Vacation Plant Watering Set Up for a Month

We love hearing from our customers, and are including here one customer’s comments and pictures, as he wanted to share it with us and everyone who is looking for a watering solution that will do its job for a month-long vacation.  We suggested that he set it up with our Group Drink concept, and you will see it in the great shots he took!  Here are his comments on the HydroSpike® HS-300 product:


 Honestly, HydroSpike worked much better than expected.  I can travel or go on vacation without worrying about my plants.  The system evenly distributes the water, which I can tell by the moisture of the soil.  In addition to being convenient and self implementing, my plants have grown healthier than before!

Thank you for introducing me to this miraculous product!

– M. Yung

hydrospike in use group watering 2

group watering with HydroSpike

group watering with HydroSpike

Hydrospike® Portable Dripline System Starter Kit – Outdoor

Our new Hydrospike® Portable Dripline System Starter Kit is great for outdoor gardens and container gardens.  The entire kit is easy to adjust and the tubing can be snipped to fit your specific length wherever your plants are.  Instructions are included in the kit.

We have included a few pictures here of how ours are set up.

Hydrospike® Portable Dripline System

Start out by finding yourself a water container and use the long tubing and run it to each plant or group of plants.  Then take the HydroSpike dripper device and place by the plant or in the pot.  Using the T-connectors attach, snip off enough tubing to connect plan to main water line.

Notice that the bucket of water is higher than where the plants are located.  This creates more water pressure and constant flow/drip of water.

You can adjust each individual dripper device to the level of water drip needed.  Here is a picture of the dripper up close.

photo 2

Increase Your Water Supply!

Using HydroSpike is convenient, but when you want to increase your supply of water, “daisy chain” a series of water containers with some tubing and use the siphon principle to increase the supply of water to your plants.  One of our customers also suggests to use standard tubing, for example 1/4 inch diameter when connecting the water containers.  Thanks for great feedback HydroSpike customers!  You guys are the best!

Siphon Water Containers