Hydrospike® Portable Dripline System Starter Kit – Outdoor

Our new Hydrospike® Portable Dripline System Starter Kit is great for outdoor gardens and container gardens.  The entire kit is easy to adjust and the tubing can be snipped to fit your specific length wherever your plants are.  Instructions are included in the kit.

We have included a few pictures here of how ours are set up.

Hydrospike® Portable Dripline System

Start out by finding yourself a water container and use the long tubing and run it to each plant or group of plants.  Then take the HydroSpike dripper device and place by the plant or in the pot.  Using the T-connectors attach, snip off enough tubing to connect plan to main water line.

Notice that the bucket of water is higher than where the plants are located.  This creates more water pressure and constant flow/drip of water.

You can adjust each individual dripper device to the level of water drip needed.  Here is a picture of the dripper up close.

photo 2

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